Royal London Show


Opportunities exist for sponsorship of both classes and Championships at prices to suit all marketing budgets. If you would like further information, please call Peter directly on (01425) 471680 or (07971) 304640.


We would like to clarify the following point, which continues to confuse people.
If you have qualified your horse/pony for Royal London, you can then enter any classes you wish. You only need ONE qualification card per horse, you DO NOT need a separate card for each class!

For example: (A) you have an Arab/Welsh, and you have qualified in a show hunter pony class. You may ALSO ENTER the Part Bred Arab classes, both ridden and in hand, and also the Part Bred Mountain & Moorland classes if you wish. And if it’s also a palomino, then there’s the alternative coloured classes.

Example (B) you have a skewbald registered Shetland pony, which has qualified in a Shetland class. You may also enter the Mountain & Moorland classes, the Piebald/Skewbald classes, and the Miniature Horse “Draught Type” classes if you wish.

And of course any of these qualified horses/ponies can be entered in Young Handlers, and the Concours classes in the evenings for which they DO NOT have to be qualified.


We hope this helps!