We would like to clarify the following point, which continues to confuse people.
If you have qualified your horse/pony for Royal London, you can then enter any classes you wish. You only need ONE qualification card per horse, you DO NOT need a separate card for each class!

For example: (A) you have an Arab/Welsh, and you have qualified in a show hunter pony class. You may ALSO ENTER the Part Bred Arab classes, both ridden and in hand, and also the Part Bred Mountain & Moorland classes if you wish. And if it’s also a palomino, then there’s the alternative coloured classes.

Example (B) you have a skewbald registered Shetland pony, which has qualified in a Shetland class. You may also enter the Mountain & Moorland classes, the Piebald/Skewbald classes, and the Miniature Horse “Draught Type” classes if you wish.

And of course any of these qualified horses/ponies can be entered in Young Handlers, and the Concours classes in the evenings for which they DO NOT have to be qualified.


We hope this helps!